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American Logos

American logosWithin our pages you will find the largest educational database of American Logos, a diverse range of the famous logos of America, in different genres and industries. Browse through our database of logos, ranging from simplistic and professional to artistic and colorful, each logo created to represent their ideal brand. A logo is an original symbol that sticks to its brand for life. It has to be original, unique, and distinctive, as well as graphically esthetic. A logo can make or break a brand. Browse through some of America’s most famous brands and company logos. Some were created with minimal simplistic designs, and some are more complicated, where designers are going for the “genius” award. Logos are constantly changing, evolving with the times, developing over the years to keep colors and designs fresh and modern. Take a look through our database to see how corporate logos have evolved over the years, and perhaps develop your own ideas for your own logo, and what kind of symbol you want to represent your brand.

The logo design industry is growing, as more companies are being established, and each attempt to gain their own personal brand represented by their unique logo, which portrays their company or brand’s ingenuity to the corporate world. Even individuals seeking success are creating their own logos and developing their recognizably brand identity and marketing strategy. American logos are by far the most widely recognized brands in the world. Most American Logos now achieve instant public recognition. Search through our database of American Logos and see how many you recognize, how many you are familiar with, and how many you see around you on signs and adverts every day. Some logos tend to use their brand or industry colors, and some want to break out and be surprising and different. Either way, a company’s logo is tied directly to it’s brand. American Logos are used in everyday life, on signs, adverts, walls, etc.

It is fascinating to see how many logos look alike, especially when companies are trying to establish their own identity. Are these logos designed unknowingly, or deliberately? Some companies in the same industry make take a common element from another company’s logo, just because it fits with their industry. Logo design also has its own trends, that change over the years. Look through our database of American Logos to see the trends, and the changes in certain company logos just to keep up with these trends. One example of such a change is American Airlines, when they attempted to change their logo, a change not all viewed as necessary. No matter how companies change their logos, they still have their brand and identity to live up to. They are responsible for people loving their identity, or hating it.

American Logo

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